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HEJMAS Agrifibre Technologies makes the highest grade pulp from agricultural crop waste, instead of trees.  Our PATENTED process allows us to make manufacturing industry specification pulp, using 80% less water, 70% less power and time, emitting 88% less CO2, all without harsh sulphide / chloride chemistry.  Our pulp is also as much as 70% lower cost to our manufacturing partners and customers.  Sustainable, environmentally friendly & economical.

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Traditional pulp production uses 32% of the fresh water available on earth each year.  HEJMAS’ patented process uses just one fifth of that and does not produce toxic sulphide / chloride contaminated water, known in the industry as “black liquor.”

Manufacturers of Consumer Goods…

…can make the same things with our TAPPI specification pulp, instead of pulp from trees.

Functionally identical raw materials, without the harsh chemicals.

Our vision for the future of goods made from pulp

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“HEJMAS Agrifibre Technologies is revolutionizing global pulp production.  Our sustainable solutions will help to significantly reduce the environmental impact of the global pulp industry, while maintaining high-quality standards for our manufacturing industry partners and customers.”

CEO of Hejmas Agrifibre Technologies

Marek Hejduk

CEO  |  Inventor

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The only global company capable of producing TAPPI Specification, industry standard pulp from bast fibre plants - we developed and patented it.  Environmentally friendly, sustainable and economical. 

Karlstad Sweden  |  Calgary Canada

+46 54 220 87 19  |  +1.403.879.6165

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