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Pulp is used to make so many products we use everyday.

The range is extensive; the average person would probably identify paper and related products as being made with pulp.  However, pulp is also used in wound care (bandages), baby diapers, wipes, surgical masks and drapes, filters, cardboard, napkins, paper cups, feminine hygiene and many other things we might not think of such as LCD screens, shoes and other fashion items, even as a binding agent in food and pharmaceuticals.

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patented process

keeps our water clean

Traditional pulp harms the environment

water contamination

carbon dioxide

other air pollutants

highly energy intensive

consumes slow-to-renew resources

HEJMAS consumes less to make more…

Graph of much lower resource use HEJMAS patented process

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80% Less


88% Less


70% Less

Power & Time

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We believe, for the good of ourselves and future generations, that it is critical to protect our environment.  Clean water and air as well as avoiding overuse of energy and limited natural resources.

“Using less water, while also avoiding contamination of our process water is one of the key ways we meet sustainability goals - for our own business, as well as our manufacturing partners, customers and the end-consumers of goods made with our pulp.  It is truly rewarding to know that we are contributing to meaningful change in a major global industry by bringing our sustainable process to market.”


David Troyer  |  Chief Marketing Officer

HEJMAS Agrifibre Technologies

“We've been working on this process for many years now and are very excited to be building our first production facility in Karlstad, Sweden. Our partners in the industry are excited to see this facility be built and bring production online to fulfill the demand that has been growing exponentially as we have been working on final design and engineering. From my point of view, the world needs our solution to meet long-term sustainability targets and wants our solution because it is practical and sensible.”


Ondra Maseja  |  Chief Financial Officer

HEJMAS Agrifibre Technologies

The only global company capable of producing TAPPI Specification, industry standard pulp from bast fibre plants - we developed and patented it.  Environmentally friendly, sustainable and economical. 

Karlstad Sweden  |  Calgary Canada

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