Infographic of clean pulp using HEJMAS patented process, as compared to traditional pulp

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HEJMAS pulp meets TAPPI / manufacturing industry specifications.  It can be substituted as an alternative raw material input for manufacturing because it is equivalent to traditional wood pulp from trees.  We meet or exceed this international specification, without the use of hard chemicals, with significantly lower emissions, water use and energy consumption.

totally different pulp  |

your production line won’t know the difference

industry specification pulp  |

makes the same consumer goods

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your customers will demand it

totally different pulp  |  your production line won’t know the difference

industry specification pulp  |  makes the same consumer goods

pure no hard chemical pulp  |  your customers will demand it

At HEJMAS, we use our innovative, patented process to make pulp that is functionally identical to traditional wood pulp when used in manufacturing, but with some major differences when it comes to natural resources, human health and the environment.

When companies choose to manufacture goods with our products, they do not need to make significant changes to their production lines.  They can increase profits and help the environment by satisfying consumer desire to choose environmentally friendly and sustainable products.  Health and personal care products can be  advertised to be free of harsh chemicals, because the pulp they source from us is truly clean and free of chemicals that can harm the human body.  Furthermore, they can advertise a truly sustainable process from field to factory, to consumer, as our process has lower emissions and energy consumption.

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As a manufacturer, you can select HEJMAS pulp, instead of wood biomass pulp to make the same things you make today, without changing your production process.  

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With our identical, but different pulp, you can shift to a truly environmentally friendly, sustainable and economical product.

No trees harvested for pulp, no chemicals in the water, or your end product, with significantly lower emissions and energy consumption in the production of your raw materials…

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The only global company capable of producing TAPPI Specification, industry standard pulp from bast fibre plants - we developed and patented it.  Environmentally friendly, sustainable and economical. 

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