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“At HEJMAS we recognize that fostering a workplace culture of empathy, collaboration, and understanding is integral to our success. By prioritizing emotional intelligence (EI) within our team, we not only enhance our work environment but also ensure our ability to deliver exceptional professionalism. Our goal is to create a workplace where every team member can thrive personally and professionally, fostering a culture of mutual respect, support, and success. Together, we aim to achieve our mission and to make a positive impact on the environment for this generation and those to come.”

Stacey Tucker

Chief Emotional Intelligence Officer


Marek Hejduk

CEO   |   Inventor  

Creative scientist with a passion for the environment.


David Troyer

CMO  |  Growth

Seasoned leader in marketing, executive level sales, business development, brand-building & putting startups on the map.


Stacey Tucker

Chief Emotional Intelligence Officer  

Enhancing human performance, through education, leadership & coaching.

Kurt Härdig

Senior Engineer  |  Process

Decades of experience in project management, process engineering and making things work.

Martin Sjöstrand

Board  |  Advisor

Experienced, CEO level board member and advisor.


Dr. Anna Fiselier, MD, PhD

Chief Science Officer   |   Co-Inventor  

Experimental science developer, focused on practical, human & earth-centric solutions.


Ondra Maseja

CFO  |  Co-Inventor

Pragmatic Business Manager and the voice of reason.


Kent Anderson

Chief Technology Officer

Experienced System Development specialist with a demonstrated history in the software industry.  BSc., Computer Science

HEJMAS Director HR and Policy

Beverly Hejduk

Director, Human Resources & Policy

Experienced program manager with 14 years in human resources and leading project delivery. BA, Sociology with expertise in immigration.

HEJMAS Head of Research

Gary De’Ath

Head of Research

Background as a Systems Administrator and   Application Specialist. He currently leads all research for HEJMAS, from academic research to corporate development and market intelligence.

HEJMAS Director Government Relations

Mark Fiselier

Director, Investor & Government Relations

BComm. Business Technology Management.  Well versed in business, politics, industry, government & technology.

The only global company capable of producing TAPPI Specification, industry standard pulp from bast fibre plants - we developed and patented it.  Environmentally friendly, sustainable and economical. 

Karlstad Sweden  |  Calgary Canada

+46 54 220 87 19  |  +1.403.879.6165

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